The Apostles' Creed

I believe in God the Father Almighty, Creator of heaven and earth; and in Jesus Christ. His only Son, Our Lord, Who was conceived by the Holy Ghost, born of the Virgin Mary; suffered under Pontius Pilate; was crucified, died, and was buried. He descended into hell: the third day He arose again from the dead. He ascended into heaven; sitteth at the right hand of God the Father Almighty: from thence He shall come to judge the living and the dead. I believe in the Holy Ghost, the Holy Catholic Church: the communion of saints, the forgiveness of sins, the resurrection of the body: and life everlasting. Amen. Credo in Deum Patrem omnipotentem; Creatorem cæli et terræ. Et in Jesum Christum, Filium eius unicum, Dominum nostrum; qui conceptus est de Spiritu Sancto, natus ex Maria Virgine; passus sub Pontio Pilato, crucifixus, mortuus, et sepultus; descendit ad infernos; tertia die resurrexit a mortuis; ascendit ad cælos; sedet ad dexteram Dei Patris omnipotentis; inde venturus est iudicare vivos et mortuos. Credo in Spiritum Sanctum; sanctam ecclesiam catholicam; sanctorum communionem; remissionem peccatorum; carnis resurrectionem; vitam æternam. Amen.